Brillosounds is a way of life, a link to the past, a bridge to then and now and back again. Everyone has put together a mix tape of music at one time or another whether it was in their head, on a reel-to-reel tape, audio cassette or digital music player. These are the tracks chosen by four friends spanning a lifetime of experiences, from the shared memories of youth, the diversity that life's journey has imprinted on each of us, bringing us to this moment in time and the ultimate individuals we have become.


From there the idea of creating music was spawned and Brillosounds was born.

I hope you like it but, if you don't, that's OK.

I don't care.


Copyright Information


All music, lyrics and images featured on the albums 'A Collection of Rivets', 'Time & Mind' and 'Grey Area' are the copyright of Alan Ritchie with the following exceptions:

'Lament', copyright of Dottie Lubienska & Alan Ritchie

'Thoughts', copyright of Rahane & Alan Ritchie

'You and Me' and 'Say Ahh' which are the copyright of Alan Ritchie & Peter Clarke. 

Dottie Lubienska performs lead vocals on 'Lament'

Rahane performs lead vocals on 'Thoughts'

Simon Dye plays keyboards on 'Standing at the Gates of Time'

Mike Wright plays lead guitar on 'Calling Out Around the World'

Peter Clarke plays lead guitar and features on lead vocals on 'Say Ahh'.

Neil Thompson plays keyboards on 'You and Me'

Jonny Kumela plays lead guitar on 'Judgement Day'

The vast majority of these album tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered at STUDIO171 using Cakewalk by Bandlab. (previously known as Sonar Platinum) This software, exceptionally fine I might add, is FREE to download from the Bandlab website :  


Alan Ritchie

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